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Individual performance


Developing high performing individuals

Do you want to become more effective at what you do?

Do you want to become more agile in your thinking?

Do you want to become more influential in your team or business?

Do you want to communicate with more impact?


The starting point is about 'understanding self', increasing your level of self-awareness about how you think and how you behave. Spotlight profiling is a tool that helps you to understand your ‘mindset’ and the impact this has on your ‘behavioural style’ based on rigorous research by expert psychologists working across sport and business.


Personal development should be less focused on “where you are” and instead emphasise “where you can get to”.


Using a combination of coaching skills and performance profiling, we can:

  • Support individuals to maximise their potential 

  • Understand your own performance preferences and how to maintain impact and influence 

  • Increase your adaptability 

  • Highlight blind spots that are holding your back

  • Become a more effective member of a team


Results suggest a 45% increase in personal effectiveness by individuals fully leveraging their unique strengths and a 17% in performance under pressure, allowing people to be at their best when it matters the most. By not investing in your people, businesses run the  risk of increasing employee turnover, costing up to 50% of their base salary every time a member of the team moves on!


Be the best version you can be and support your team to maximise their potential. This starts with meeting you where you are at; we don't do one-size-fits-all programmes because everyone is unique and different, is about the individual and what you need.



What we offer

  • Bespoke and individual performance profiling

  • Identification of strengths and blind spots

  • 1-2-1 personal development coaching 

  • Individual action plans for sustained progress


Get in touch to start maximising potential through people performance.

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