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Improving teams

Do you struggle with the quality of relationships in teams?

Are there things being 'unsaid' that are limiting impact and effectiveness?

Do people truly understand how to get the best of out of themselves and their colleagues?

Like geese flying in formation, high performing teams are about alignment. We share the lessons from Olympic and professional sport that can be applied in your business or organisation. Having worked across multiple sports and visited high performance organisations including Google, Red Arrows and Les Miserables, there are consistent themes that arise that you can learn from and apply in any business context.


Whether big picture headlines or the detail of development, developing high performing teams is critical for short and long term success. People at higher trust companies report:

  • 74% less stress

  • 106% more energy at work

  • 50% higher productivity

  • 13% fewer sick days

  • 76% more engagement

  • 40% less burnout


We can help to:

  • Develop a stronger sense of self and understanding for others

  • Increase effectiveness of collaboration

  • Foster psychological safety

  • Improve honest communication and radical candour


Building on the individual profiling, understanding the performance preferences of those around you in your team, to increase levels of emotional intelligence and empathy, to understand another’s perspective is essential. We bring people together, will help you build the team dynamic and arm you with principles to build a high performing team. 


What we offer

  • Development sessions to understand dynamics of high performing teams

  • Individual and collaborative strengths knowledge

  • Building psychological safety within groups

  • Commitment to action

High performing teams



Get in touch to start maximising potential through people performance.

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